What type of garage door do I have or need?

Door Type

Selections™ Designer Garage Doors are manufactured to suit both sectional/panel or tilt garage doors. A sectional/panel garage door consists of 4 or more hinged panels and opens up to lay parallel with your ceiling/floor. A tilt garage door is in one solid piece and either pivots open on j-fittings or slides back on track fittings, usually leaving a portion of the door hanging out the front of your opening. Each style requires specific amounts of head and side clearances to allow for installation. If you are unsure which door you have or require, don’t hesitate to contact us or your local dealer.

I currently have a Roller garage door. Can I replace it with a Selections™ Designer Garage door?

It will depend upon the opening you have for the door to fit into. Provided the opening is suitable and has sufficient clearances, then yes, you can replace your existing roller door with a Selections™ Designer Garage Door, but it will operate as either a Sectional/Panel or Tilt garage door – not a roller door. Your local door dealer will be able to advise you with certainty once they have seen your garage.

What are the benefits & advantages of opting for a Selections™ Designer Garage Door?

We believe a Selections™ Designer Garage door can both enhance the appearance and increase the value of your home. A Selections™ Designer Garage door is tailored to your individual tastes and will be noticeably different in appearance to a standard pressed-metal sectional garage door, and something you can be proud of having a hand in designing.

Our unique Selections™ frame is made from aluminium, and is mechanically assembled, thus avoiding the need for messy welds or any loss of integrity in areas where welds are ground. Being of aluminium construction our frame is more corrosive resistant, durable and lightweight in comparison to many other doors, and its design encourages rainwater on the face of the door to disperse, rather than collect and unload onto you or your vehicle during the opening cycle. Careful placement of seals helps to make our doors quieter in operation than many other doors.

Where can I purchase a Selections™ Designer Garage door?

We have distributors located in most capital cities and many regional areas of Australia. Please call 1300 280 620 or email our head office for your closest dealer. Most dealers have sample panels and colour swatches to assist you in your decision making process, including installation and automatic opener choices.

How do I design my Selections™ Garage Door?

  1. Contact us by phone on 1300 280 620 or email us to arrange for a sales rep to call to your premises and discuss your options. Alternatively you may like to pop in for a chat if you have a Selections™ show room close by.
  2. Inspect the range of insert cladding material available. Acrylic, Twin Wall, Alumicomp are some examples. Choose one or a combination of your favourites. As the panel insert material you choose determines the number of vertical joins required on your door, you should contact your Selections™ dealer to help you finalise your design.
  3. Once you have settled on your insert materials, it’s time to choose your preferred colour. You have the flexibility to choose more than one colour panel insert if you wish. You might be opting for Acrylic inserts and want to have those inserts in two or more colours to create a pattern or design.
  4. Next select a Dulux® powdercoat colour for the front vertical and horizontal flashings if applicable. Again, it is possible to have more than one coloured flashing, for example if you have an Acrylic door using both black and white acrylic, you might want to have black flashings against the black acrylic and white flashings against the white acrylic.
  5. Door frame that is visible only from the inside rear face of the door: this is normally left as aluminium mill finish. For an additional charge you are able to request a powder coated frame if you desire, however, you will only see this from inside the garage.
  6. Discuss with your garage door dealer the right automatic opener to enhance your new Selections™ door. We would recommend you consider upgrading from a standard chain driven remote control to a quieter operating belt driven remote control. Your dealer may also like to show you a range of remote control accessories for example battery back-up, digital keypad, etc to suit your needs.

How do I clean my Selections™ Designer Garage Door?

Your Selections™ Designer Garage Door should be washed on a regular basis with mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water, using a clean sponge or a soft cloth. Rinse well with clean water and dry thoroughly with a chamois, to prevent water spots.

How do I maintain my Selections™ Designer Garage Door?

As with all garage doors, it is recommended that you engage the services of a professional to thoroughly service all components at least annually or sooner for equipment in a high use situation. We would recommend that you discuss a regular maintenance program with your garage door dealer.